What is a Credit Union?

Simply put, credit unions are about people helping people. Members join together, co-operating on the principles of brotherhood, economic democracy and individual self-help. The credit union's motto says it all: not for profit, not for charity, but for service.

Who is Canning's Employees' Credit Union (CECU)?

Our Mission
We are a committed and model financial institution operating on sound co-operative and business principles providing quality competitive financial products and services that engender self-reliance and financial independence in our membership.

CECU is a co-operative, financial institution that cares. We offer sound, financial advice and services, in a warm but confidential atmosphere, to help you with your financial needs.

Main Objectives of CECU

  • To encourage thrift and regular savings

  • To offer financial services of high quality at fair rates

  • To educate members in sensible money management to improve their financial condition

  • To promote the credit union philosophy.