Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime,
and departing leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.
William Woodsworth


February 11th Ernest Hugh Canning was born in Surrey England.


The time is not exact Ernest Canning arrives to Trinidad to take up the position of Manager of the grocery section of the popular Stephens Limited.


Ernest Canning purchased the grocery section of Stephens Ltd. and opened Canning and Company occupying the downstairs portion of #25 Frederick Street on the corner of Frederick and Queen Streets. And in one of the great business ironies of Port of Spain the owners of the building were two sisters Louisa Wilson and Molly Massy. Mrs. Massy on her death left her portion of the estate to her husband Charles Massy, one of the founders of Neal and Massy.


Ernest Canning expanded his business and opened a small carbonated business.


Ernest Canning opened his first grocery store in San Fernando.


Talks were held to make Canning and Company a Limited Liability Company.

Canning's Board of Directors in the 1960's.


Canning and Company bought out Stephens Limited.


Ernest Canning and Frank Nothnagel went into the Ice Cream business, "Brookfield Ice Cream" soon to be known as Canning's Ice Cream.


Further expansion of business as Canning purchase bakery, "Trinidad Bakeries Ltd."


The premises on the corner of Frederick and Queen Streets are expanded and the Canning's Tea Room was established.


Canning invested in a Ship Chandlery business formerly owned by the Ice House Company and named it "Fernandez (1933) Ltd." After the owner of Marine Square property Emmanuel Fernandez".


Canning and Company got the franchise to be the bottlers and distributors of Coca-Cola Trinidad.


Mr. Gordon New was bought into the family business and given the position of Director in charge of the soft drinks division. Canning became the exclusive distributors of soft drinks for the bases in Chaguaramas and Wallerfield.


September 30th Ernest Canning died of a stroke after ailing for some time.


Canning and Company purchased a new Bottling plant from Dipraj Samaroo in San Fernando.


Sale of Rum Bond to Fernandez (1933) Limited.


A decision was made to open a wholesale agency to market and distribute major food and grocery lines that Canning and Company already imported. This company was registered as Quesnel and Company Ltd. And they became the distributors for some of the best lines and products in the country.


Ice House Grocery was converted to a cash and carry grocery on Marine Square. This new grocery was called Hi-Lo Food stores for "High Quality and Low Prices".


Louis Girod started a study Group to establish a credit union.


Canning Employees' Credit Union was established.


Property on #87 Queen Street was sold to Agostini Brothers in order to raise capital.


Canning and Company sold its shares in the Queens Park Hotel to J.B. Fernandez.


Canning and Company purchases Trinidad Dairies Limited.


Canning and Company purchases Fine Foods Ltd. from Grell & Company to support the Hi Lo Food chain.


Canning and Company acquires the Coca Cola franchise in Jamaica and started bottling under the name Jamaica Bottling Company Ltd.


Walter Eberstadt of Model, Roland and Stone (A New York Investment firm), Erling Rice and Dick Anderson of Ford Bell, and Peter Wake and Bobby Anderson of Klenwort, Benson and Company became major investors in Canning and Company owning 44% of the company.


Aerated Waters Bottling Works became Canning's Bottling Company Ltd. The Ice Cream Factory became Canning's Dairy Products Ltd. and the Bottling Plant Wine and Spirits Ltd.


Canning and Company Ltd. purchased large acreage at Streatham Lodge on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway and built a brand new plant with the most modern equipment. This plant was named the Canning's Industrial Centre.


Canning and Company had also expanded to include an Insurance department representing the Eagle Star Insurance Company of the United Kingdom.


J.M. Quesnel initiated discussions with Neal and Massy Holdings Ltd. for a possible merger. When this merger took place Neal and Massy became the largest conglomerate in the Caribbean.


Coca Cola International acquired Canning and Company and continued operations under the new name of Caribbean Bottlers Ltd. This ended the legacy started by Ernest Canning in the form of small carbonated business. However Ernest Canning lives on in the spirit of Canning's Employees' Credit Union.

Band - Tropical Ambassadors at Canning's for CECU's Christmas Party 1970's.