Madge Lopez

"I have always been impressed by the interest taken by upper management in our credit union."

Madge Lopez was employed with Hilo Food Stores as a cash register operator in 1955 and joined the credit union soon after. Madge remembers that before the advent of computers and payroll deductions, every Friday evening Payroll Mistress, the late Margaret Gilkes, came downstairs to the office of our grocery store to pay employees, and Vilma Borely (now deceased) sat near by to collect money from employees for the credit union. "Presently I am a pensioner and I am still a member of the credit Union. I always find it a pleasure to meet the staff, and thankful for the courtesies extended to me."

Madge Lopez


Colin Miller

"Tremendous - I don't feel I could have done it without them."

Colin joined Canning's and Company on the 6th April 1961 as an Office Boy working for $15.00 a week. Two years later he joined the credit union and never once regretted this move. Colin reveals, "I built my home in 1972 working for a meagre salary with the help of the credit union," he further went on to say "I don't think I could have done it without them. The credit union has seen me through the building of my home an extension on to it, a car and a small business venture which I hope to leave for my children. With my credit union I never once had to look the way of a bank and to this day I never will." Colin proudly admits, "Everything I did, I did with the help of my credit union, Canning's Employees' Credit Union."


Chatram Ramdeo

My house, car, furniture everything. It's the best thing that ever happened to me, the best choice I made as a young man.”

Chatram Ramdeo was first employed with Diskomart in 1973 and subsequently joined the Canning's Employees' Credit Union at the tender age of 18. Chatram started saving a small sum of $2.50 a week, he says "I really went from there, everything I own I got through the credit union my house, car, furniture everything." Chatram explains that the credit union is responsible for his good financial position. He is able to help his children further their education, his first son is presently in Manchester and his second son is studying right here in Trinidad and Tobago. He also explains how pleased he is with his treatment here at the Credit Union and goes on to say, "When I come here, how they handle me and treat me, I feel good."

Chatram Ramdeo


Clement Trumpet

"I purchased my Maxi Taxi through the credit union."

Clement Trumpet is presently self-employed driving his Maxi Taxi, which he got through the credit union. Clement started in the Canning's group in 1963 working at the time for Quesnel & Fernandez. He joined the credit union and has been a member ever since. Clement testifies that he does not have much to do with the bank. The economy was bad, times were tough for him and he could not qualify for a bank loan. He got a loan from the credit union to purchase land and later built his house where he presently lives with his family. He explains, "The credit union bailed me out, I can safely say had it not been for the credit union I would hardly achieve anything."

Clement Trumpet


Marie Cecile Gill

"The service is wonderful, you cannot beat back CECU."

Marie joined the credit union as a sub member through her husband Peter Gill (now deceased). She has been with the credit union for the past thirty years. The credit union has helped her in all areas of her life. When her husband passed away in 1978 she chose to stay on as a sub member and to this day has never regretted the decision. "Everything around me is because of the CECU my car, the land I built my home on, and everything in it."

Marie Cecile Gill


Carlyle Fullerton

"The credit union has been my banker and advisor"

Carlyle joined Canning and Company as an office boy in the 1960's. He was working for very little and wanted to have all the nice things he saw but simply could not have afforded anything. A member approached him and advised him to join the credit union as they could help him save his money. Because of regular contributions he was able to save and purchase land and build his own home. He says, "The credit union advised me financially. All my loans were investments and assets. I encourage as many people to join."


Elsa Mieux

"The credit union is the saviour of the poor working class. It is a fabulous institution."

Elsa Mieux started working with Hilo Queen Street in 1955 and joined the Credit Union shortly after. Elsa says it's the best decision she ever made, and she made use of it right through. She says to this date she never had a loan with a bank. Her mortgage was done through the credit union, the renovations to her house were done through the credit union and the car she purchased was done through the credit union. "CECU was always there for me and always kind to me."


Gail Keshwar

"The credit Union concept was the best way for me to save money"

Gail explains, "although I had my "fun" loans over the years, I made a conscious effort to space my loan applications, or increase shares whenever possible. This practice augured well for me in later years when my application for a down payment to purchase a home, landed me in an interview with the late Beryl Yearwood, whose comments remain with me ! "When I saw this child's loan application my recommendation to the Credit Committee was how can we help this child?" I was guided about my options within the credit union policy to make my dream become a reality. It was a challenge as I worked toward the goal to qualify for my first big loan, which I was later granted."