Mr. Norbert Grannum

Mr. Norbert Grannum (deceased)
President 1952-1957

The name Norbert Grannum has a special place in the history of the Canning's Employees' Credit Union. Mr. Grannum has the honour of being elected its first president. He was later elected Vice President on a number of occasions and served on the Management, Credit and Supervisory committees for a total of some twenty years.


Mr. Maurice Quesnel

Mr. Maurice Quesnel
President 1957-1961

Mr. Maurice Quesnel is one of the persons who showed great interest in the credit union from its early days and who always expressed willingness to assist the organization in whatever way he was able. It is not surprising therefore that he was chosen as its second president in 1957. It was during Mr. Quesnel's term of office that the organization contracted with CUNA Mutual for life savings and loans protection insurance. Mr. Quesnel served as President of the Credit Union until 1961.


Mr. Ian Gianetti

Mr. Ian Gianetti
President 1961-1964

In 1961, Mr. Ian Gianetti, who had joined Canning and Company in 1959 as Personnel Officer was elected as the third president of the Credit Union. He served in this capacity for a period of three years during which time his training in Economics proved to be of great value.


Mr. Walter Scott

Mr. Walter Scott (deceased)
President 1964-1969

Mr. Walter Scott is remembered as one who made a substantial contribution at all levels of the credit union movement. He was president for five years until 1970 and also served as Vice President for three years before being elected as President. Walter Scott was a Director of the Credit Union Bank at the time of his death in October 1970.


Mr. Brendan

Mr. Brendan "Barney" Costelloe
President 1970-1983

Mr. Costelloe was elected president of the Canning's Employee's Credit Union in 1970. A determined credit unionist who is forever coming up with new ideas to improve and expand the organization, Mr. Costelloe had the satisfaction of seeing the assets of the credit union grow from a little over $1 million when he took up office in 1970 to an unbelievable $6 million plus.


Mr. Emil de la Grenade

Mr. Emil de la Grenade
President 1984-2006

Mr. Emil de la Grenade joined Canning and Company in the late 1960's as Personnel Manager and during this period he was made a Director of the company and a Director of all their subsidiaries. Mr. de la Grenade is presently the president of Canning's Employees' Credit Union and has been for the past nineteen years. He has been a member of the credit union movement for the past 30 years and is the Chief Delegate for Canning's Credit Union on the Co-operative Credit Union League.

Mr. Govind Maharaj

Mr. Govind Maharaj
President 2006-Present