Q. Can you open a joint account at CECU?

A. No, CECU Credit Union does not facilitate joint accounts.

Q. Who is eligible to join?

A. Membership in this Credit Union is open to:

  • All persons who are bona fide employees of the Neal and Massy group of companies.

  • Employees of Associated Companies and Companies which were formerly subsidiaries of Canning's and Company Limited and any other company approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Members of the immediate family of an employee of any of the group of Companies mentioned above (hereafter referred to as Sub-members) provided always that such persons shall only remain members as long as the employee retains his or her membership of this Credit Union or with the permission of the Board of Directors in its absolute discretion.

Q. What products & services do CECU offer to members?

A. CECU offers a wide array of financial and non-financial products and services to members. Browse our website to find out more.

Q. What is the Family Indemnity Plan?

A. The Family Indemnity Plan (FIP) is a Final Expenses plan associated with funeral expenses that covers you, the member and five (5) members of your family.

Q. Who are the eligible family members covered by FIP?

A. The following are the eligible family members covered by FIP:

  • The member (up to age 76 years).
  • Member's spouse or significant other (up to 76 years). A significant other is a person of the opposite sex who lives with the member and is considered to be the Insured's common-law spouse.
  • Unmarried dependants between the ages 1- 25 years (biological or non-biological).
  • Members' parents or spouses' parents (up to 76 years).

All adults (not dependants) need to join the plan before reaching age 76.

Q. How much does the FIP cost?

A. Choose the option that best suits you:

Premium  Benefit
PLAN A $52.80 monthly $10,000
PLAN B $79.20 monthly $15,000
PLAN C $105.60 monthly $20,000
PLAN D $158.40 monthly $30,000
PLAN E $211.20 monthly $40,000

Q. Is the premium payment for FIP per person?

A. No. One premium payment covers a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6 persons.

Q. Does one's benefit amount in the FIP plan cover the entire family?

A. No. Each family member would have a benefit based on the plan selected.

Q. Can I increase my FIP benefit?

A. Yes, you can increase your benefit. However, there is a six (6) month waiting period for a higher limit. If death occurs within the six (6) month period the lower benefit will be paid except in the case of an accident.

Q. Can I decrease my FIP plan?

A. No. You must cancel your current plan and re-enroll with the six(6) month period applicable.

Q. Is my account insured?

A. Yes. Member's shares are insured up to $75,000 TT. This coverage is provided to all by CUNA Caribbean Insurance Society Limited.

Q. How do I credit money to my account?

A. Members can use any of the following options to put money in their account:

  • Salary Deduction - from the work place
  • Standing Order - from the bank
  • Post-dated Cheques
  • Deposits over the counter

Q. When I retire/resign can I still remain a member of CECU Credit Union?

A. Yes. Members who have retired/resigned from the work place can still enjoy the benefits of being a CECU member.