Special Indemnity Plan (FIP) Offer
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For the period September 1st to November 30th, 2017, you can enjoy:

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This plan provides funeral benefits in the event of the member or his eligible family members' death. Coverage is provided for a maximum of six (6) family members as follows:

  • Member
  • Spouse
  • Children between the age 1-25
  • Members' parents below the age of 76.

Advantages of the Family Indemnity Plan:

  • One monthly premium covers up to 6 family members (including any two persons you choose from your parents and parents-in-law enrolled by age 76)
  • Full benefit is paid (per person) every time a claim is made
  • No medical questions
  • Payments for claims are made within 2 days
  • Lifetime insurance coverage.

Choose the option that best suits you:

Plan Premium  Benefit
PLAN A $52.80 monthly $10,000
PLAN B $79.20 monthly $15,000
PLAN C $105.60 monthly $20,000
PLAN D $158.40 monthly $30,000
PLAN E $211.20 monthly


PLAN F $343.20 monthly


PLAN F CI $400.00 monthly $65,000
PLAN G Contact CECU $100,000

We strongly recommend this plan to all members since it provides a measure of relief for bereaved families at a crucial time.

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