The strength of the Credit Union is represented by its Share Capital.

Each share purchased is a contribution towards the pool of resources from which members borrow in time of need. The individual accumulation of shares increases the total wealth of the organization.

As a share holder you are part-owner of the organization, with an equal opportunity to benefit from all services the Credit Union provides.

Your shares assist you in meeting your present economic needs and are a major consideration in your eligibility for loans.

Shares are a permanent form of savings - the foundation on which you build to realize your ambitions and desires.

A person becomes a member of CECU through the purchase of shares ($5.00 per share). Members are required to purchase at least one share each month to maintain active financial status.

Benefits include:

  • The use of Share Savings as collateral for loans

  • Annual dividends are payable on shareholdings on rates of interest as determined at Annual General Meetings

  • Free loan protection and life savings insurance on shareholdings.