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Having trouble finding that lump sum to save...wait no more!
Loan Amount Repayment
$  5,000 $   183.35
$10,000 $   366.71
$15,000 $   550.06
$25,000 $   733.42
$50,000 $1,833.54

No application fees | Low rates of Interest | Free insurance on your savings up to $75,000

Free insurance on your loan up to $100,000

*All loans are subject to normal lending criteria:

  • Proper documents required (payslip, supporting documents for loan)
  • Must be within the loan policy
  • Must be a member in good standing
  • If applying for a loan over your shares, must be a member for 3 months.

*Anyone applying for this loan must be willing to increase their payments.

View Loan Requirements.

Download your loan form by clicking on the link below,
ask your Liaison Officer, or Contact Us for further information.

Loan Application Form

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