Membership in this Credit Union is open to:

  • All persons who are bona fide employees of the Neal and Massy group of companies.

  • Employees of Associated Companies and Companies which were formerly subsidiaries of Canning's and Company Limited and any other company approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Members of the immediate family of an employee of any of the group of Companies mentioned above (hereafter referred to as Sub-members) provided always that such persons shall only remain members as long as the employee retains his or her membership of this Credit Union or with the permission of the Board of Directors in its absolute discretion.

"Immediate Family" means:-
(a) father or mother; (b) husband or wife; (c) brother or sister; (d) son or daughter; (e) adopted son or daughter.

Contributions of Members/Sub-members to this Credit Union shall be in the form of weekly, fortnightly or monthly deposits and made by a duly authorized agency appointed by the Member/Sub-member for the purpose and approved by the Board of Directors.