What will my monthly mortgage payment be?

The mortgage calculator can help you work out how much your monthly mortgage payment will be.  All you need to do is enter:

  • The purchase price of the property
  • The % downpayment you will make
  • The mortgage term
  • The mortgage rate (e.g. 8%).

The calculator will then provide you with your monthly mortgage payment.

Please note that results are for illustration purposes only.  Actual figures may vary for individual cases and depend upon a number of assumptions and factors, which may change.

Mortgage Policy Brochure.


Enter the Purchase Price of the Property (e.g. 700000):
(Do not use commas.)


Enter % Downpayment:
(e.g. 10) (Do not use commas.)


Total Mortgage Amount


Enter Mortgage Term in Years (e.g. 30):
(The mortgage term can be no more than 30 years.)


Enter Mortgage Rate %
(e.g. 8):


Your Monthly Mortgage Payment: