Enriched with rich history and building on the vision of our founders, Canning’s Employees’ Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited (CECU) remains dedicated to helping its members build a solid financial foundation for themselves and generations to come. We are people, helping people.
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To encourage thrift and regular savings

To offer financial services of high qualify at fair rates

To promote the credit union philosophy

To educate members in sensible money management to improve their financial position


CECU started around a group of concerned people helping a fellow brother underscore the Credit Union’s philosophy – simply, people helping people, where members join in a cooperative form and structure, on the principles of brotherhood, economic democracy and individual self-help.

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In 1948 at the end of the Second World War, Trinidad and Tobago was under British Rule and the threat of communism/socialism was heavy in the air.

The Church played an important role in the growth of credit unionism as it fought against the community’s social problems. The principle of the movement was to have a common bond of association. A principle that still exists today.

It was in this scenario that the concept of a credit union in Canning and Company was conceived.

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Learn about the people that lead Cannings' Employees Credit Union and helped position us to where we are today

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