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The strength of the Credit Union is represented by its Share Capital. Each share purchased is a contribution towards the pool of resources from which members borrow in times of need. The individual accumulation of shares increases the total wealth of the organisation. As a shareholder you are part-owner of CECU, with an equal opportunity to benefit from all services the Credit Union provides.

Benefits Include:
  • The use of Share Savings as collateral for loans
  • Annual dividends are payable on shareholdings on rates of interest as determined at Annual General Meetings


The Golden Star account provides flexibility and convenience for CECU members. Golden Star is designed to provide an avenue for saving and wisely investing any extra funds from your disposable income.

Benefits Include:
  • 2% interest earned semi-annually and annually on the average balance.
  • Golden Star is separate from your share account.
  • There are no forms to fill out.