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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a credit union?
Credit Unions are not-for-profit organisations that exist to serve their members and is owned and controlled by its members. Credit Unions provide a safe place to save and borrow at reasonable rates.
2Who is eligible to join CECU?
Membership is open to:
  • All persons who are bona fide employees of Massy Group of Companies
  • Employees of associated companies and companies which were formerly subsidiaries of Canning and Company Limited, and any other company approved by the Board of Directors
  • Members of the immediate family of an employee of any of the group of Companies mentioned above (hereafter referred to as Sub-members) provided always that such persons shall only remain members as long as the employee retains his or her membership of CECU or with the permission of the Board of Directors in its absolute discretion.
3What products and services does CECU offer to members?
CECU offers a wide array of financial and non-financial products and services to members such as Shares Accounts, Golden Star, Loan Products, Medical Insurance and CUNA’s Family Indemnity Plan.
4How do I credit money to my account?
Members can use any of the following options to make contributions to their account:
  • Salary deductions from their place of work
  • Standing order from the bank
  • Deposits over the counter
  • Free direct debit service (CECU pulls funds directly from member's bank account)
  • At any SurePay location
5When I retire/resign, can I still remember a member of CECU?
Yes. Members who have retired/ resigned from their place of work can still enjoy the benefits of being a CECU member.
6How can a member access funds?
Cheque or free ACH service (funds send directly to member's bank account)
7Who are CECU's Member Companies?
The following is a listing of CECU's member companies:
  • B.H.P. Billiton
  • Babash Media & Events Ltd.
  • Be Well
  • Beach House Entertainment Ltd.
  • Biomedical Enterprises of T&T
  • C.V.A. Ltd.
  • Carib Brewery Ltd.
  • Carib Clean Ltd.
  • Caribbean Bottlers (Trinidad & Tobago) Ltd.
  • Cars (2005) Ltd.
  • Creamery Novelties Ltd.
  • CUNA Caribbean Insurance
  • Dairy Distributions Ltd.
  • Disko Mart
  • Dollar Valu Supermarket
  • Ecoimpact Co. Ltd.
  • Egret Ltd.
  • El Dovin Ltd.
  • Embassy of the U.S.A.
  • Food Giant Supermarket
  • G4S Secure Solutions
  • HADCO Ltd.
  • HD Café Ltd
  • Imanex Ltd.
  • John Dickinson & Co. Ltd.
  • Kiss Baking Co. Ltd.
  • Laughlin & De Gannes
  • Leon Ambrose & Co.
  • Les Amantes de Jesus
  • Lighthouse Ltd.
  • Lorson Resources Ltd.
  • M. Hamel Smith & Co.
  • Market Fact & Opinion
  • Massy Distribution (Trinidad) Ltd.
  • Massy Energy
  • Massy Finance GFC
  • Massy Ltd.
  • Massy Motors Ltd.
  • Massy Pres-T-Con
  • Massy Stores
  • Massy Technologies (InfoCom)
  • Mc Cann Erickson
  • Melville Shipping Ltd.
  • Metropolitan Networks Caribbean
  • Micon Marketing Ltd.
  • National Carnival Commission
  • National Enterprises Ltd..
  • Neville C. Pouchet Ltd.
  • Nova Lighting (Trinidad)
  • Patcon Ltd.
  • Plantation Beach Villas
  • Prism Services Trinidad Ltd.
  • R.C. Archdiocese of P.O.S
  • Rentokil Initial (T'dad) Ltd.
  • Rotoplastics Trinidad Ltd.
  • The Buzz Ltd.
  • The Office Authority
  • Toyota Trinidad & Tobago Ltd.
  • Trinidad Systems Ltd.
  • Trinidad Tissues Ltd.
  • Tru Valu
  • V.K. Marketing Services Ltd.
  • Very Exciting Things Ltd.
  • Waste Disposal Ltd.
  • Z. Muzaffar (Trinidad) Ltd.