CECU’s personal loans are designed to help you reach your short-term
financial goals. You can take a personal loan to invest, pay bills,
home improvement, finance your wedding or your education.
Our personal loans are for anything and everything you need
financing for with NO PROCESSING FEES and NO PENALTIES!

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Interest Rates

Unsecured : 10% per annum (0.83% per month) *

Secured : 4.5% - 7% per annum (0.38% - 0.58% per month)*

*Interest rates are calculated on the reducing balance and are subject to change without notice

Maximum Repayment Period

Unsecured: up to 35 months

Secured: up to 72 months

Loan Requirements

  • Two valid forms of ID
  • Utility bill or bank statement (no older than 3 months)
  • Proof of employment and income (job letter no older than
    3 months and payslip, no older than 1 month)
  • Supporting document for the purpose of the loan
  • Required share balance

Start your application process online

Complete and submit your application form online and a loans officer will contact you.

Personal Loan Calculator

Use our Personal Loan Calculator to find out how much you are eligible to borrow, your repayment period and your monthly instalment.